I'm Huu-Dac NGUYEN (can call me Dave), I am a Data Scientist and a Quantitative Researcher. My expertise lies in developing solutions for finding and developing alphas in financial trading.

I earned my master's degree in Data Science from the John Von Neuman Institute, where I gained knowledge in statistics, mathematics, data analysis, and machine learning techniques such as deep learning. This degree has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to analyze data and create effective models for solving complex problems.
Apart from my academic background, I have worked in 2.5 different industries, such as game and advertising at Athena Studio and ADAS in Vantix Co. - a subsidiary of VinFast - Vingroup. These experiences have given me diverse skills that help me think outside the box and develop innovative solutions for real-world problems.

My passion for data analysis and the application of quantitative and qualitative methods has led me to pursue a career as a data scientist, where I can use my skills to impact various fields positively.

My Email: HuuDac.NGUYEN@icloud.com.